Monday, June 15, 2015

Allison helps to break a body piercing world record and set a new one.

Here's a great shot of our resident piercer Allison Lahikainen. Allison was part of a body piercing team that performed at the Steampunk World's Fair in NJ. Wyck, the person getting pierced, breaks the record for the number of 18ga needles pierced in an hour. 1,400 needles! 1,399 on the clock at 52 mintues.
The piercing team was headed up by Boots out of NH. Also piercing was his apprentice Jamie, Malakai of Inksanity, and of course our own Allison. She's not only a veteran piercer with over 17 years experience she has projects like these under her belt. Another reason to choose Graceland Tattoo when thinking about your next piercing. Want to see more pictures of this event? Check us out on Facebook at GRACELAND TATTOO.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Graceland Tattoo is Looking for an Experienced Tattooer.

Graceland Tattoo currently taking applications to bring a new tattooer on board at Graceland Tattoo. This is a great opportunity to work with a diverse, experienced team in a very busy and well equipped tattoo studio. You must be seasoned with experience. This is not an apprenticeship. Email portfolio & resume or links to your work to adam@gracelandtattoo. DO NOT SUBMIT VIA FACEBOOK.  Thank you for your consideration.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

12 years Strong

Good morning everyone. It's crazy to think that The Saturday, Valentine's Day marks 12 years since Graceland Tattoo opened it's doors. Thank you to everyone who has chosen to work with us throughout the years. I am very grateful and I think it's safe to say everyone at the tattoo parlor feels the same way. I am so fortunate to have been able to create the space that we now have and I am so thankful to have attracted the individuals who work along side me. We have hit our stride and I am really excited about our future together. I cannot thank Keely Sheehan enough for all the hard work in helping us to build what Graceland Tattoo has become. Keely's support has been unwavering and I may not have had the strength to persevere without her. I am so blessed to have her insights and her patience. Thank you to Allison Lahikainen , Brian Ricci, Evan McGuigan and Joe Pepper  for your dedication throughout the years I am proud to work with you and I thank you for your efforts in making Graceland Tattoo the place that it has become. Thank you to Lindsay Jordan for joining us at a time when we needed someone to help us along the way. I'm also really happy that Miranda Lorberer and Cookie have come to join forces with us. I believe this step will prove to be an unbelievably positive chapter in our lives.I'm also glad to have met Victoria, and I'm pleased we have been able to welcome her into the fold. Thank you to Amy Maher who has supported Joe throughout his time here. He's early in and late to leave and I know that can be taxing on a family. My mother and father who continue to help me whenever it's needed, but whose support was instrumental in the early years. Even though he hash't been with us for a few years now, Thank you Shane Cashman for being a part of this, a big part of this. And to all the guest artists, thank you for sharing with us. To those who worked here in the past, thank you for the things you did, and also thank you for leaving when you did. We've had some ups and downs, as all institutions have but the also helped to shape us and make Graceland Tattoo what it is today. Thank you again to our clients, many of you who have become our friends. I look forward to working for past clients and forging new relationships as we continue to service the Hudson Valley. Peace & Light -Adam Lauricella